Meet the Subly chrome extension


Stay on top of your subscriptions while browsing the web with the Subly Chrome Extension. It's a handy tool in your browser, streamlining the way you manage subscriptions.

What it does? 🌐

The Subly extension is designed to simplify the process of adding subscriptions to your Subly account while you're browsing the web. Whether you've just completed a checkout or stumbled upon a new service, the extension is here for you:

  • Instant Access: Quickly open the Subly extension right from your Chrome toolbar.

  • Auto-Fill Magic: When you launch the extension, it will automatically fill in some fields for you.

  • Seamless Integration: The extension works hand-in-hand with your Subly account, ensuring that all data is synced and up-to-date.

Get the extension now! 🚀

Ready to elevate your browsing experience? Install the Subly Chrome Extension directly from the Chrome Web Store and

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