Introducing: Projects, List View and more


Announcing Projects

You can now organize your subscriptions by Projects, and each project has its own set of reports and statistics. You'll have a "Personal" project by default; to add a new project, simply click on the Projects Menu at the top right of Subly and select "Create Project." - This feature is only available in the pro version.

subly UI

What can I do with projects?

Projects add another level of organization. Projects are especially useful if you manage services for different purposes. You can keep your personal subscriptions separate from your business/freelance services in this way. This is especially useful for businesses managing services across multiple teams.

subly UI

Other UI Improvements

List / Grid View

Toggle between a grid view (cards) or a list view.


Sort subscriptions by Name (default), Price or Category.

'Visit Subscription Website' Shortcut

Added an option from the subscriptions menu to visit the subscription's website - This would open the subscription's website in a new tab.


Now you can add notes to your subscriptions, in case you need to add more details to it.