Introducing: Team members and project budgets


Invite team members

Subly now allows you to collaborate with your team. Invite your team members by going to the Team page. You can give them access to all of your projects or just a select few.

Newly invited users will get an email invitation to join your workplace.

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Project budget

To help you better manage your subscriptions and stop overspending, we've released project budgets.

With this update, you can now specify a project budget (in any currency), and Subly will inform you of how much money is still available for spending.

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  • We've made some updates to avoid constant reloading of the app
  • Performance and security improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs that caused the account limits to not update instantly after deleting a subscription

That's it for this release, but there's plenty of exciting stuff coming soon, so stay tuned.